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BE FRANK. was approached to develop branding for a prototype home appliance product. Shirt Sauna is a hands-free, collapsible, multi-garment steamer. Recognizing the crucial role of a strong brand in the nascent development phase, we focused on evoking the elements of air, water, and steam throughout the branding process. Our goal was to infuse the brand with a sense of lightness and fluidity, mirroring the transformative power of the product itself.


Carefully curating a logo that symbolizes the uplifting nature of steam, we harnessed the essence of air and water to build a memorable visual identity. By crafting a brand that breathes life into Shirt Sauna, we ensured that it would stand out in the crowded market, making a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers.

Shirt Sauna Brand Guidelines
Shirt Sauna Prototype in Closet
Shirt Sauna Logo
Shirt Sauna Brand Guidelines
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