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KUTA is a Southern California-based company specializing in production of top-of-the-line hard-sided coolers and insulated cooling bags. KUTA's passion for adventure is matched only by their love for keeping things cool. 


BE FRANK. was able to harness KUTA's spirit of being "ready for anything" and incorporate it into a newly-imagined brand that included updated imagery, video, and website design. Our goal was to create a visual identity that would inspire even the most seasoned outdoor enthusiast.


The newly revamped website offers a seamless user experience that showcases the full range of KUTA's unique offerings. To further promote the brand's core values and product lineup, we also created a suite of stationery, signage, and giveaway swag to showcase the brand at in-person events.

KUTA Business Card Design
KUTA Banners
Man sitting on KUTA cooler with dog
Ready for Anything
KUTA koozies
KUTA Packing Tape
Pink Computer

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