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Our creative team recently undertook a brand refresh for Great Ecology, an ecological consulting and landscape architecture firm. Our goal was to create a fresh and vibrant brand that would better reflect the diverse environments in which Great Ecology operates.

To achieve this, we carefully curated a new color palette that incorporated brighter and more versatile shades, allowing for greater flexibility in design applications. We revamped the typography, selecting fonts that were both contemporary and highly legible. As a final touch, we created a collection of unique and visually striking patterns that could be used in a design-oriented way to complement Great Ecology's work. These elements all added depth and visual interest to the brand, further enhancing its appeal.

Great Ecology Brand Guidelines Book Covers
Great Ecology Brand Guidelines

To showcase the new brand identity, we compiled everything into an engaging presentation. This comprehensive resource serves as a reference for both employees and consultants, allowing them to consistently apply the new brand elements across various platforms and materials. By making the brand feel more modern, dynamic, and exciting, our work aims to attract new clients and talented professionals to Great Ecology, further solidifying their position as a leader in ecological consulting and landscape architecture.

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Great Ecology Billboard
Great Ecology Mission Statement
Great Ecology Social Media Feed
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Chief Operating Officer  |   Great Ecology

Working with BE FRANK. was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. I wholeheartedly recommend BE FRANK. to anyone seeking top-notch design services. Jennifer's ability to understand project goals, and her eye for aesthetics make her an invaluable asset - you can trust that your project will be brought to life in the most professional, timely, and visually striking way possible.

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