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Services Provided:

  • Identity / Naming

  • Logo Design

  • Branding Guidelines

  • Website Design

  • Visual Identity

  • Rendering Art Direction

  • Project Design Advisement

Project Description:

THE BLOCK is a shopping, dining, entertainment destination located in New Mexico. Built from re-purposed shipping containers, THE BLOCK's identity is meant to evoke a laid back and welcoming vibe.

Our team was tasked with naming (identity) and creating all visual brand elements associated with the project. Our aim was to evoke a sense of fun and youthful exuberance - THE BLOCK is a meeting place with something for everyone. Drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings, the color palette is inspired by the rich desire and mountain sunset colors. The boldness of the name, the logo and the colors serve to establish THE BLOCK as an exciting destination in the heart of New Mexico.

In addition to the branding and identity, our team created construction signage for the project, consulted on rendering design, signage design and placement, and the advisement of public art and murals to be used throughout the project. 

THE BLOCK -Rendering Advisement & Art Direction
THE BLOCK - Construction Barricade Signage
THE BLOCK - Landing Page, Website Design
THE BLOCK - Imagery & Branding Concept, Design, Guidelines
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