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Services Provided:

  • Website Design

  • Visual Identity

  • Marketing Collateral Design

Project Description:

We are excited to have partnered with LFB Ventures, a diversified real estate company headquartered in Southern California. In their pursuit of a more relaxed and authentic visual identity, we delved into their surf-oriented company culture and close proximity to the beach to craft a truly unique brand experience within the commercial real estate space. 

Our creative services team wanted to capture and incorporate the essence of LFB Ventures' sun-soaked spirit. Drawing from the soft hues of the shorelines and the lively energy of the surf, we designed a visual language that marries professionalism with a splash of the Southern California lifestyle. The updated website showcases their offerings and experience through captivating imagery and an intuitive user experience. 

The convergence of their surf-inspired culture and our creative expertise has given rise to a brand identity that exudes experience and expertise while remaining true to their relaxed nature. As the waves roll and the sun sets on the horizon, LFB Ventures is primed to ride the tide of success, differentiating themselves as a unique and trusted partner within commercial real estate.

LFB Ventures - Website Design and Visual Identity
LFB Ventures - Website Design and Visual Identity
LFB Ventures - Marketing Collateral Design
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